Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 10 'SNL' ad parodies, according to Hulu

No. 10 — "Bad Idea Jeans"
Sport the jeans that scream, "it's a bad idea."

No. 9 — "Dad"
Morgan Stanley is there for your kids.
No. 8 — "Geico"
Whitney Houston files her claim.

No. 7 — "Pampers"
Smells like dinner time!

No. 6 — "iPhone: The Affair"
So many uses for the iPhone.

No. 5 — "Annuale"
For women on the go.

No. 4 — "Clinton/Obama Ad"
There can only be one.

No. 3 — "Whopper Virgins"
Eastern Europe is in for a Whopper.

No. 2 — "Mom Jeans"
The jeans that give you the support you need.

No. 1 — "Coin Slot"
Lindsay Lohan in a fake commercial for Coin Slot Cream.

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